• Great Marketing Has Customers Wanting To Do Business With You Before They Even Speak To You!

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    Great marketing connects with your market place so powerfully, that  it compels  potential customers to want to do business with you.  
    It's also counter intuitive, can be done on a shoe string budget and generate more opportunities than most think are possible.
  • Success is NOT a Mystery, 
    it is a System, 
    ‚Äčand Systems can be Learned and Replicated.

    So many people think marketing is a black art with 
    no guarantee of outcome.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Your marketing can be absolutely predictable 
    the results can be predictable.
    Let us show you how. 
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  • If Your Marketing Looks And Sounds Like 
    All Your Competitors, 
    Then You Are Just Like All Your Competitors

    If your outside perception does not match your inside reality, 
    if your marketing makes you sound like everyone else, 
    then you have to ask yourself, 
    why would a customer do business with me?
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Marketing is simply having a conversation with someone who has a problem they don't want, or who wants something they don't have

At it's core, marketing is simple and consists of only four elements.






If marketing is about having a conversation with someone who has a problem they don't want or who wants something they don't have, then the first thing you have to decide is who, specifically, do you want to have a conversation with.  There is an entire market out there who needs, and more importantly, wants your product or service.  

You just need to decide who they are so you can have a compelling conversation with them.


Having decided who to have a conversation with, you now need to decide what conversation you are going to have.  What, specifically, are you going to say to them that will compel them to take action?  And don't think filling your message with worn out platitudes like "Been in business since 1812" or "Great service" or "Best prices" is going to work because all your competitors say stuff like that.

Using statements like this says to your customer "Do business with me because I am just like everybody else, but I need your money".


Now you have a message you think connects with your market and identify's you as something special, you need to decide what Medium you are going to use to deliver it.   It it direct mail, radio, TV, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.  Each of these mediums is a tactic, a way to get your message to your market.  

They all work, and there is no "best one" but there is a best one for you.  You just have to decide out which one that is.


Now that you have made contact with your market, what can you offer them that will cause them to take action?  What's you Motivator?  A Motivator is a Low-Risk or better still a No-Risk offer that allows customers who haven't done business with you yet to experience how awesome you are.  

A motivator is designed to remove the natural resistance a potential customer has to committing to a new product or service.


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